XLConnect is a powerful package that allows R users to read and write Excel files in a highly integrated manner from within R.
It uses the Apache POI API (see the
http://poi.apache.org/ webpage) as the underlying interface, so you may expect us to extend the current functionality of XLConnect accordingly in the future.

One of the great things about XLConnect is its portability. You can use it across various platforms and operating systems - be it Windows 32 bit, Linux 64 bit or a Mac, you can run your favorite piece of XLConnect-code on all of them.

XLConnect works with both xls and the newer xml-based xlsx formats. It works with OpenOffice* and it even works if you don’t have Excel installed at all.

Feature-wise XLConnect allows you to produce formatted Excel-reports (including Graphics) straight from within R. This enables automation of manual formatting and reporting processes. Reading and writing named ranges enables you to process complex inputs and outputs in an efficient way. Cell-styles can be picked up from Excel templates and re-used for the data that is written from within R.

Comprehensive documentation is provided together with the package, including demos as well as unit tests.

Unlike some alternative packages for interfacing between R and Excel, you can use and re-distribute XLConnect for free. We are always happy to hear your experiences with XLConnect - both the rewarding and the frustrating ones.

Although you can obtain XLConnect without registering or any other obligation, we appreciate feedback in the form of testimonials that we may post on this page.
* The Apache POI API is designated to provide an interface for Microsoft Office formats. We cannot and will not perform any detailed testing, QA or bug-fixing for OpenOffice, Oracle Open Office, LibreOffice etc.
If you find XLConnect does not work with such formats, we cannot do anything about it- however, it might well work, at least to some extent, so we do not want to discourage anyone from trying.


You can best obtain XLConnect via the R console - install.packages("XLConnect") - directly from CRAN:
The full PDF documentation of XLConnect is available here:
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